Dr. Suhas Nandurdikar


Chemhouse marketing was founded under the active leadership of Dr. Suhas Nandurdikar with a prolific experience of 30 years in the field of oils, fats and surfactants. The Founder and Managing Director of Chemhouse Marketing and Brink Chemicals Pvt. Ltd, Nandurdikar is one of the pioneers in introducing brands powered by latest innovation and technology in the Indian cosmetic and personal care industry.

An active member of the ISCC (Indian Society of Cosmetic Chemists) and OTAI (Oil technology association of India), he has successfully spearheaded the distribution of varied ingredients with enhanced properties which has paved the way for a large and loyal customer base.

Mr. Nihar Nandurdikar


Revered for his innovative and analytical skills, Nihar Nandurdikar’s zest and passion has played a pivotal role in not just steering this company towards the right direction but boosting the entire cosmetic ingredient market throughout the country. Developing new market strategies and finished product concepts are his forte.

His innovative approach to the development of formulated products has proved to help our patrons significantly cut down on the go to market time.

Why partner with us?

Our effective, holistic solutions coupled with our strategic partnerships have helped us cater
to the needs of a diverse customer base.


Technical Support

Our best-in-class technical support has been a key catalyst in fortifying our position as the preferred partner for developing formulations with end-to-end backup for clients.

Application Innovation

Driven by constant innovation, we formulate unique ingenious solutions in the form of futuristic, qualitative ingredients that help strengthen your key selling points.

Unique Glocal

We think and act in global terms and implement our learnings in the local context to help our customers cater to the individual market needs while maintaining global standards.

Practical Ready
to-go Formulations

Specialized in creating ready-to-go formulations with our own special ingredients, our products are an outcome of innovative finished product concepts that significantly reduce the go-to-market time for customers.


Driven by richly experienced technical personnel, we support the future growth of our customers by addressing the local and global challenges with the latest innovative technologies in formulations.